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Information screens, Bank information booths 

Digital Signage Technology dynamically enters the world of banks and becomes more and more popular. Also in Poland, the banks take into account the fact that their customers wait for few minutes to talk to a consultant. This can be easily confirmed, as already 70 various bank departments decided to use this technology under our first brand which called “Bank Television”. Looking at banks very dynamic offer which often depends on fluctuating interest rates and day-to–day economic situation, investing in Digital Signage Technology makes it a very sensible decision. 

A bank which sticks to traditional paper media often spends huge amounts of money for information posters which have to be changed very frequently due to e.g. WIBOR rate changes. In comparison, a bank which uses screens installed around its sites has tremendous advantage as the communication with the customer can be seamlessly adjusted. 

Possibilities and advantages:

  • Quick and easy publishing of loans and deposit offer
  • Additional publishing of investments and insurance offer
  • Promotion of internet access to bank services
  • Educating the customers on safe usage of credit/debit cards and electronic banking
  • Publishing of currency exchange rates
  • Publishing of interest rates
  • Screening of RSS world news and economic status information channels
  • Central management of advertising campaigns and in the sites located throughout all country


The TVB screens are divided into one direction information screens as well as interactive touch-screens which enable the communication with the customers. In case of touch screens the customer may wish to navigate the offer and read the most interesting content. The customer may also which to use loan/mortgage calculator and leave his/her telephone number.

Above 70 banks we provide services to, deem us to be a leading banking TV provider and allows us to gain very useful experience. We learned to treat each and very bank individually and create its unique multimedia image.

Deciding to introduce this technology, the bank gains fresh and modern image and saves a lot of money as paper media are no longer necessary. 


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