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Airports and train stations

Airports and train stations

Airport and train stations are very specific places which thousands of passengers are traveling through. These create a perfect opportunity to use our system and present information regarding timetables, arrival, departures as well as advertising content.

As the latter is easy to manage the first requires solid and advanced implementation which allows for gathering the schedules and delays information as well as other disruption data. Failure to do so may cause great disruption for large groups of passengers.

Knowing that our company apart from graphic designers employs IT and Data Base specialists who processing huge amount of data, ensuring redundancy and integration with clients’ systems is not a challenge for.

The TV solution in this case can be used for:

  • Schedule/timetable presentation
  • Changes and disruption presentation
  • Presentation of carriers logos
  • Safety and security information
  • Virtual site maps
  • Presentation of advertising and partner companies content



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