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Museums and art galleries

Screens in museums and art galleries

Nowadays, more often, the museums and art galleries introduce multimedia interactive information instead of a traditional guide. It is a cost efficient way to reach larger number of visitors. The LCD and LED screens installed next to pieces of exhibition give the opportunity to present vast additional information about them. Additional photo and video content make the exhibitions more attractive for the viewers. While using the interactive systems, the videos or audio can be stopped or rewound giving the viewers a chance to focus on most interesting parts.

The screens also provide an information of the current exhibitions and their locations in the museum or gallery.

Summing up, the advantages are:

  • Access to vast spectrum of information regarding the exhibitions
  • Presentation of additional audio and video content
  • Limitless performance for the large number of viewers
  • An alternative to traditional guides
  • Opportunity to visit the museum on your own
  • Easy to adapt the content during the exhibition change
  • Making map of a museum available
  • Easy management content

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