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Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars

The LCD screens are more often installed in restaurants, cafés and bars serving the purpose of presenting their menus and marketing information. While the customer awaits the order, screen content is an easy way to attract his/her attention to new menu positions such as main courses, desserts or drinks. Such screens were installed by our company in restaurants such as “Sphinx” or “Chłopskie Jadło”.

Presenting the menu in such a way often give the restaurateur a chance to update the menu boards positions as well as prices very quickly without necessity to print out the paper counterparts which is time consuming and more expensive.

Menu boards and informational screens in restaurants allow to improve the way company communicate with its customers, especially in the network structured companies and restaurants that are spread throughout the country. Menu management and marketing message can be handled in a fast and simple way from the control panel. 

Our systems help the restaurateurs in…:

  • interesting presentation of the menu, products and services
  • promotion of the company’s logotype and information
  • spreading the information about promotions and changes in the offer
  • implementation of loyalty programs
  • managing the network of monitors and menu boards


 Selected projects of our company are shown in the gallery below.


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