Business Television

High-schools and universities

 Screens for high-schools and universities

High-schools and universities are places where visual content and relevant ads can be presented. It is an efficient way to communicate important messages to students. The screens may present particular class room numbers, examination schedules, lecture information. In addition to that, the content promoting additional activities or sports and cultural events can also be presented. From the point of view of potential employers or schools business partners it is also a convenient way to present their offer and a way for the school to generate additional profit.

The advantages are:

  • Automatic and unified way of presenting the information for students
  • Schedules, room number, and examination schedule presentation
  • Examination results presentation
  • Site virtual maps presentation
  • Interactive screens allowing to surf the school’s content
  • Presentation of teachers and professors
  • Students office virtualization
  • Presentation of important documents
  • Cultural events promotion
  • Selling the advertising space to potential businesses


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